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Sea Kelp Bioferment: Skin Benefits 

Sea Kelp Bioferment: Skin Benefits 

Do you love swimming in the ocean or taking walks on the beach? If you do, you are probably familiar with kelp.  This seemingly unimportant plant has been used for centuries in Japanese culture for food and medicine. Science has finally caught up with ancient Asian culture and discovered Kelp co...
Witch Hazel Right For You?

Is Witch Hazel Right For You? 10 Benefits and Things to Consider

Witch hazel has long been a staple in skincare cabinets for a variety of skincare and medicinal treatments. This botanical extract has numerous therapeutic properties, including soothing, anti-inflammatory effects and skin-tightening astringent powers that offer an instant lift and smoother appea...
Niacinamide Skincare Benefits

Niacinamide Skincare Benefits

As complicated as it may sound, niacinamide is actually just a form of vitamin B3, an important nutrient found in everyday foods like meat, dairy, and green veggies. Applied as skincare, niacinamide is one mighty vitamin with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that protect skin  and help rever...
Beat Acne With Zinc PCA

Oily Skin, Inflammation and Zinc PCA

If you suffer from oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, you know that finding the right products can be a frustrating process. It takes time and effort to discover ingredients that resolve your cosmetic challenges without drying or irritating your skin.  Zinc PCA could be the answer you’re looki...
Chia Seed Oil

How Chia Seed Oil Supports Healthy, Youthful Skin

You’ve probably heard of chia seeds: the tiny, black and white nutritional powerhouses used in healthy recipes like smoothies, salads, and breakfast bowls. You may not know that chia seeds are also superstars for skincare. Thanks to their high concentration of protein, omega fatty acids, and fibe...
Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil: Nature’s All-In-One Face Wash and Moisturizer

You’ve probably come across jojoba oil on the ingredient labels of one or more of your skincare products. This multitasking natural extract can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, lip balm, sunburn treatment, face wash, and much more. It’s a useful all-around skin saver that comes in many f...